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THS5STAR TENERIFE Suitcase Set 3tlg. rosen-gold

THS5STAR TENERIFE Suitcase Set 3tlg. rosen-gold
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: THS601-00015
  • Weight: 8.00kg
  • Dimensions: 51.00cm x 28.00cm x 78.00cm
  • SKU: THS5STAR A2 Rose Gold 3pcs sets
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Advantages of the THS5STAR Tenerife travel Suitcase (B stocklot)

This kit is perfect for people looking for a cheap suitcase set. Ideal for class trips, weekend breaks or long-awaited annual holidays. 

Number Lock

The number lock protects your belongings from unauthorized access. 

Wheels 360 ° 

All suitcases are equipped with 360 degrees of light running wheels, so the suitcase is easier to push or pull.


The suitcase is made of ABS design


The grooved design of the THS5STAR travel suitcase gives the Suitcaseset a noble appearance and at the same time gives it a good recognition value, so you will find your suitcase easier when picking up luggage.


The suitcase is closed by a strong zipper.  


4 feet give the suitcase a secure stand and protect against scratches and dirt.

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